The holiday season may be far away, but it’s never too early to prepare or plan for it. Even if it’s not the holiday season, you can always look for ideas to gift someone for a special occasion. Nobody can actually stop you if you feel like giving gifts to family or friends.

Of course, there can be a lot of things to choose from. All you need is your creativity and familiarity to the person you’ll give a gift to. But here are some unique ideas you can try to give loved ones.

1. Handcrafted Things

There’s just something about hand-made items that give them that meaningful thought when given as a gift. Things like a crochet scarf, blanket, or coasters will make for great gifts. Most of the time, people who receive handcrafted gifts find real meaning and appreciation for them than the typical store-bought things. And the materials are easy to find. A roving wool, for example, is available in a lot of shops. All your efforts in making one will all be worth it.

2. Flowers

Although it’s a case-to-case basis, no bouquet of flowers has failed someone. Who doesn’t want to receive fresh and beautiful flowers? But, do not give them to an allergic friend or you’ll give him or her a complication. Get family or friends a subscription and they will be thrilled to receive a bouquet every day.

3. Online Courses or Workshops

Everyone should work to be better than they ever were. Yourself is one of the most important assets you should invest on. If online courses, workshops, or life coaches can help you, they can do the same thing to others. Giving them this gift in a form of subscription, voucher, or something else, will help them better their skills or outlook as a whole. Personal or professional development is always a good thing. Great, in fact.

4. A Trip

Not all gifts are material. Immaterial ones can be just as meaningful, and sometimes even more, than material ones. Give someone a trip of a lifetime, or even just a simple out-of-town trip, kayak adventure, or even a picnic. These will all bring great memories that person can cherish permanently.

5. Water Bottles or Glasses

Not everyone drinks liquor. But everyone should drink water. But not everybody actually drinks the recommended amount per day. Remind them by getting them a water bottle or glasses. In order for them to bring it around, opt for stainless water bottles or BPA-free plastics. These materials are safe and durable you can be assured that drinking water will make you look and feel good.

6. Donate to Their Cause

This can be a very special activity. Not all have it but for those of your friends or family who supports a cause, give them an amazing gift by helping them help others. Not only will you make someone happy but the cause that he or she supports.